Sample: NYC local learning center bilingual website

IvySmart Learning Center’s market—NYC’s local, Chinese-speaking parents—are the most focused audience.

This English-Chinese bilingual website is powered by WordPress. We designed and built the site in 2012 and provided training to the client’s staff so the site can be updated by the client directly.

IvySmart learning center website


Sample: website about Chinese health practices

GRIDNYC created to introduce traditional Chinese health practices. Target audience: baby boomers in English-speaking countries.

The site is powered by WordPress. Many additional functions are added such as Google Adsense control, SEO tool, tag cloud, CAPTCHA, donation, search/rating/review, traffic tracking… etc.

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Taichi-Zen-Healing website
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Sample: a NYC mediation service website

Paramount Mediation, a professional service mainly focus on New York City metro area market, offering clients alternative dispute resolution to avoid going to court.

pmediate website
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