East meets West

Multicultural marketing

GRIDNYC has more than 15 years of experience in the Asian-American market within the U.S. With the fast-growing economy in China, our services have extended to engage this massive market as well. For case examples of our multicultural (and cross-cultural) marketing projects, please read on…

Dental What?

International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), the world’s largest dental implant organization, participated in the 2009 American Lifestyles Expo in Hangzhou, China. It was an institutional branding initiative: six ICOI member dentists traveled from abroad to inform and promote “Quality of Life” concepts to Chinese consumers, help them understand how implant technology could change their lives, and provide guidance on how to select their dentists and treatment systems.

GRIDNYC facilitated this endeavor from initial planning to the end of the Expo. We coordinated with various entities in the U.S. and China, both remotely as well as on location.



ICOI theme/event ID design:
event ID


Queens waterfront condo for Asian buyers

Soundview Pointe, a waterfront gated community in Queens, New York City.

Working directly with the developer, Stephen Chang oversaw all Chinese and Korean language advertising (concept, design, copy direction) as well as media planning/placement and PR. Under Mr. Chang’s new marketing direction, the re-opening events brought in nearly double the traffic than events directed under the previous agency.

SVP brochure 1

SVP brochure2

SVP Chinese ad

GRIDNYC assisted Uncle Sam’s helping effort

At the height of housing crisis in 2009, the U.S. government took the lead to assist homeowners who were under financial stress by setting up new policies and rescue packages.

It was critical that non-English speaking communities receive the same complete information as mainstream homeowners. With sufficient experience in localization for Chinese- and Korean-American consumers, GRIDNYC was selected to produce these brochures. (Print version and downloadable PDF version)

MHA-brochure, Chinese & Korean

How to sell dumplings in America

Dumplings and eggrolls are really basic Chinese food, but to market them to mainstream Americans and to Chinatown supermarkets are two totally different things. Water Lilies Food––based in Queens, New York City, is one of the largest packaged Chinese food manufacturers on the East Coast. GRIDNYC was retained to develop various product lines’ packaging and to strengthen their market position.

Samples shown here are a trade ad for a private-label food magazine and a high-priced “Emperor’s Taste” brand handmade dumpling packaging (focusing on Asian-American market).

Water Lilies trade ad

food packaging image