As of June, 2014, Apple has sold over 200 million iPads since its release in 2010. This translates into a huge worldwide mid- to high-income user base. Apps running on iPads are fast, eye-pleasing, and copyright-safe. The iPhone is similar, only with a smaller screen.

A new, portable marketing tool for the Real Estate industry:

We utilize the iPad as a state-of-the-art content delivery / presentation platform, also take full advantage of Apple’s worldwide iOS App distribution system.

iPad app screens

This App is not web-based, but is benefitting from the internet

Photos, videos, voice recordings, text, drawings, charts, maps, satellite views, 3D fly-throughs… you name it—–all can be tailored into one interactive App.

App can be designed to tell your story, starting from the surrounding neighborhood to the interior of your property, to people anywhere in the world, on or off the internet.

Apps can be localized in different languages too, great for cross-cultural presentations! Whether it’s cross-town or across-the-globe, your agent and potential customers will get your story the way you want.

Many features are specifically designed for RE developers. Please call 917-957-9323 or email to for detail or a live demo.