ICOI Asia Pacific Section website

ICOI AP Section’s website ( first went online in 2009. It was a pilot program to kick start section-wide office automation. Two years later, GRIDNYC was again taking the lead to develop version 2.0, which went into service in mid-2012. UI/UX and function upgrade v2.1 was completed in June 2013.

GRIDNYC built Version 2.0 from the ground up, with ambitious goals set for this diverse user environment: “Asia Pacific” themes, different languages, cultures, degrees of economic development, currency regulations, user habits… just to name a few.

This Asia-facing site’s “front-end” has six language versions (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese), each with independent content management capability for local office use.  The site unifies the institutional brand across different countries while at the same time allowing maximum content flexibility.

An administrative app “back-end” enables ICOI management with full control of country-specific events creation; three-levels credentialing program management and processing; and four types of membership, related fees, CE credit, status update, as well as payment bookkeeping and reporting.

Based on local office and user feedback, conditional validations were introduced into various process flow to safeguard operation accuracy.

The essence of the v2.0 upgrade—localized member access with centralized info/data management—not only standardized but also simplified local offices’ operations. Result: reduced operation cost and human error, increased brand strength and growth capacity.

ICOI AP section website

Initial conversion point: new member application data intake form. Localized with extra instructions and sample input to eliminate user confusion.
new member registration sample

Membership home section is a member-facing front-end, localized and managed by the country.
credential interface design


American Lifestyles Expo website

Hailed by the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai as the only exhibit of its kind that actively promotes American products and services in China, the American Lifestyles Expo is a unique annual trade show which takes place in Hangzhou, China. This English website is sponsored by the Expo’s American organizer and is the major English language marketing device.

aml expo website


Founded by Stephen Chang, GRIDNYC is a New York City based marketing communications design firm specializing in website development, internet marketing, visual branding, and eCommerce.

Our East Asian background, cultural understanding, market experience, and language capabilities are recognized as valuable assets by many of our clients. Together with our mainstream marketing expertise, we bring unique perspectives to our clients that have brought direct impact not just on their market images, but also on their bottom-line.

In conjunction with our Business Solutions Partners, we provide innovative, cost effective, and above all, results-oriented solutions to our clients in the trade and consumer markets as well as to government and nonprofit entities.

Case: Branding KEYNOTE

In mid-2013, we received an inquiry about our marketing experience on technology product. In response, we went into our archives and located a few examples. The product we dug up may appear outdated, but the branding strategy was a winner:

Client / product / market: Keydata International / “KEYNOTE” brand laptop computer / U.S. consumer, dealer, value-add reseller, and government (GSA) markets.

Service: GRIDNYC developed “KEYNOTE” product brand, packaging, and advertising from strategy to execution.

Formula: Strong product + truly professional service (more than 50% of their tech support team holds an EE or CS master’s degree) + competitive pricing = KEYNOTE’s growth strategy.

We built the “KEYNOTE” brand to reflect these qualities: From one of their ad headlines you can feel the brand’s confidence (below sample 1).

A little humor can drive the point too, the “YES, Keynote…” ad (sample 2) earned many smiles as well as orders!

Extra Mention: Stephen Chang’s advertising design for “Keynote 8560″ was selected and published in the Marketing textbook Consumer Behavior — Building Marketing Strategy (McGraw-Hill) as an example of effectively using Preference Strategy.

( From one of their ad headlines you can feel the brand’s confidence )
Keynote insert ad

( A little humor can drive the point too, this “YES, Keynote…” ad earned many smiles as well as orders )
yes keynote ad

Grand Pacific

Headquartered in New York City, Grand Pacific (GP) is the North American affiliate of Chailease Group, a financial service provider based in Taiwan. This Group, together with Chinatrust Commercial Bank, forms the largest financial service conglomerate in Taiwan.

In 1998, Stephen Chang was retained to develop Grand Pacific’s first U.S. market entry brochure, in which GP leveraged its Taiwan affiliation and financial strength, with an international business scope.

Nine years later in 2007, GRIDNYC was again retained to design a second marketing brochure. Already established in the U.S., this time GP focused on the national market with well defined product offerings and value propositions. The reference was no longer on Taiwan, but on its U.S. track record.

We developed both brochures from concept, copy, layout, design, to final artwork and printing. When the second brochure was delivered to GP’s office, the Senior VP in charge joked: “We have to live up to this brochure now!” It’s a complaint we are happy to hear.

Grand Pacific capability brochure