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How to sell dumplings in America

Dumplings and eggrolls are really basic Chinese food, but to market them to mainstream Americans and to Chinatown supermarkets are two totally different things. Water Lilies Food––based in Queens, New York City, is one of the largest packaged Chinese food manufacturers on the East Coast. GRIDNYC was retained to develop various product lines’ packaging and to strengthen their market position.

Samples shown here are a trade ad for a private-label food magazine and a high-priced “Emperor’s Taste” brand handmade dumpling packaging (focusing on Asian-American market).

Water Lilies trade ad

food packaging image


Case: Branding Digiview

Digiview is a computer monitor private label brand created by Continental Technology Inc. (CTI). GRIDNYC was retained to assist CTI to develop this brand in the dealer / VAR market.

We designed Digiview’s Brand Identity devices including the brand logo, product packaging, literature standards, sales sheets, POPs, gift items, and trade magazine ads. We also enable CTI to promote Digiview monitors through its distribution channel ads, together with other brand monitors and PC components.

When Digiview HR-1709 model was named PC World magazine’s “Top 10 Monitors,” we seized the opportunity to create a “Better, Better, Better” ad campaign (below sample 1), which substantiated the “Digiview advantages”——based on that evaluation report.

This ad campaign successfully put Digiview on the national bestsellers list and established its reputation as a good value brand. More positive reviews followed.

As Digiview’s business accelerated, CTI decided to strengthen Digiview’s brand recognition and to differentiate / elevate the brand image. This time, we created the “Futuristic Monitor” brand-image ad (below sample 2), which was run for more than a full year on multiple trade magazines. Combined with poster/POPs and gift items of the same design theme at retail outlets, the campaign successfully promoted the entire product line of seven different models.

CTI and its Digiview brand were later bought out by another corporation.

“Better, Better, Better” ad:
Better, Better, Better ad

“Futuristic Monitor” brand-image ad:
Futuristic Monitor ad

AAFE Journal

Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE) is one of the earliest Asian American civil rights group, or “activists” who, in 1974, protested the lack of minority hiring for the construction of the 44-story Confucius Plaza tower in NYC Chinatown. Through AAFE’s advocacy, the contractor eventually hired 24 minority workers.

2009 marked the 35th anniversary of that triumphant struggle. During the interim years, the organization has since grown to be one of the most important Asian immigrant advocacy groups in New York.

AAFE’s 35th Anniversary Journal was a special issue, containing highlights of the past three and a half decades. The cover was designed for simplicity but revealed the organization’s grassroots identity. It delivered multi-track messages relevant to its readers. GRIDNYC was honored to have the opportunity to design this journal. We salute AAFE’s 35-year endeavor!

aafe journal cover