GRIDNYC is a division of GRIDPDX LLC, a marketing communications design firm specializing in website development, internet marketing, visual branding, and eCommerce.

Multilingual, cross-cultural marketing (English-Chinese-Korean) is a unique extension of our service.

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What are GRIDNYC Advantages?

We bring together marketing, technology, and creativity

Website is a powerful communication channel which can reach a multitude of audience. As marketing communications specialist and website developer, we possess the knowledge, experience and technical know-how to design, develop, and construct your website that ties together your product info, marketing message and other critical business information.

It takes creativity to attract today’s audience; they can remove themselves from your site with a click of the fingertip. Your message must be strong, clear, and to the point. Your marketing strategy doesn’t have a chance if it isn’t seen.

We know how to best present your business

Today’s marketplace is highly competitive––more and more companies are fighting in the same market space and offering similar products and services. A well-designed, polished company website can be a deciding factor that sets you apart from your competitors.

We know how to make your site easy to find!

(in multiple languages, see far below)

We not only provide advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service, but we will teach you––our client––the SEO basics, so your website will have a winning edge starting from the preparation stage. ( *SEO involves high level marketing strategy and is fundamental to online marketing. It is beneficial for the business owner or the head of marketing to understand the basics. Check out this article from Google. It’s a good starting point. )

We work with small- to medium-sized companies as well as nonprofit entities.

Award Winning Designs

Our founder/principal designer Stephen Chang's design work has received national recognition...
• AGA Achievement Award.
• American Corporate Identity Award of Excellence.
• PRINT Design Excellence Award.

• Advertising work was published in marketing textbook: Consumer Behavior-Building Marketing Strategy
( McGraw-Hill )

Reinforce Your Brand Value

Website is a company’s business card. A well-designed, state-of-the-art website reflects a company’s value proposition.
From a Brand Value perspective, website is a device that can reinforce a Brand’s four primary measures (four pillars) –– Differentiation, Relevance, Esteem, and Knowledge. They are consistently linked to a Brand’s ability to deliver revenue and profit for its owner.

(see post WHAT IS A BRAND)

UX: Facilitates Site Visitors

Information architecture, usability, and human-computer interface design are at the core of User Experience (UX), which is also one of our major design focuses.
UX design means taking site users’ needs into account at every stage of the development, from usability of the home page to adding products to a shopping cart to sending the confirmation email… etc.

A user-friendly website represents a user-friendly organization.

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Besides building websites, we’re also good at:

Cross-cultural marketing / multi-language communication

In addition to English, we can design and produce in Chinese and Korean, utilizing the right amount of Asian cultural flavor and Western marketing savvy. Our services are ideal for those who want to engage in the growing Asian-American and Asia-Pacific markets.

This specialized service includes text translation, creative copywriting, website localization & multilingual SEO, print advertising+PR, event identity design, and trade show support. Click to see our multi-language work samples.

Quality print design / high speed digital print production (short-run available)

A large portion of marketing communication has shifted online, but certain types of messages are most effective when delivered on print media. We pride ourselves as experts in print design and production––we often take care of the full project cycle from initial design to final delivery. Click to see our print design work samples.

For your next print project that requires quality work or fast turnaround (RUSH, that is), give us a call !
This site is designed to showcase our multidisciplinary work and illustrate our capability, experience, creative approach, and deliverable solutions.
This site is designed for computer screen viewing. With the growing number of mobile users, it’s also optimized for mobile users: a responsive website.
“A picture is worth a thousand words” –– it helps to illustrate our sample cases. Also, many of our web design work can be linked to actual site.
Case samples are organized in blog format, each case is a “post” under relevant category.
Each case is also tagged by relevant topics (such as type of industry). All tags are clickable, making it easy to reference.