Encoded Messages?

encodedmessages.info is a microsite that was designed to accompany an exhibition titled Encoded Messages: Reading African Art, by SMA African Art Museum in Tenafly, NJ.  The site development process was fun and delightful.

Robert J. Koenig, the director of the Museum wrote us:

“Thank you for your splendid work on the SMA web suite for our exhibition ‘Encoded Messages: Reading African Art’. We are very pleased with encodedmessages.info. The instructors at Bergen Community College are incorporating aspects of the show into their courses of study. The web site, available to students on their mobile devices as well as on computers in the library, is a great asset to them in their study of African art…”

encoded message site home1


Food supplement: Peruvian Ginseng

Food supplement is a huge market, more and more consumers are health-conscious, willing to pay for the supplement if it works. The competition is fierce.

We built this “mobile-friendly” e-commerce site that utilized a PayPal solution, not only cost less, client is in business sooner than he expected!

macajoy homepage

IPG Real Estate website

IPG Real Estate is a NYC based commercial real estate company. Its predecessor GMAC Real Estate International Properties Group is a prestige brand in the industry.

IPG retained GRIDNYC to design and build its website, ensuring the prestige brand status is not lost in the name change.

ipg real estate web design

Website for international conference in Tokyo

The International Congress of Oral Implantologists held its “World Congress” in Tokyo. It’s a three-day event with more than a thousand attendees from all over the world. This World Congress website aims to provide the optimum support on event info delivery — including a function for event organizer to make on-site, realtime announcements from a mobile device.

Aside from our design and website-building capabilities, our understanding of the Asia market added value to the development process. Language, culture, functional content, online technology, brand image, user experience… all were taken into consideration.

2014 ICOI World Congress website design

Cutting edge Brazilian swimwear

XCLUZV is an existing Brazilian swimwear brand. When entering the U.S. market, it called for a new brand image to suit the market. XCLUZV’s holding company happens to be an international IT consultancy, so it is no surprise that technology is in XCLUZV’s DNA.

With the right combination of creative design, web technology, visual branding, and online marketing experience, GRIDNYC developed XCLUZV’s new website and online store. One of the requirements was to utilize HTML5 video and other web tech to deliver lively visuals without relying on Flash animation. The site went live under new.xcluzv.com in August 2012.

Home page: a JQ interactive menu on top of a 1000px X 560px sailboat video
New XCLUZV website

xcluzv online store

ICOI Asia Pacific Section website

ICOI AP Section’s website (icoi-ap.org) first went online in 2009. It was a pilot program to kick start section-wide office automation. Two years later, GRIDNYC was again taking the lead to develop version 2.0, which went into service in mid-2012. UI/UX and function upgrade v2.1 was completed in June 2013.

GRIDNYC built Version 2.0 from the ground up, with ambitious goals set for this diverse user environment: “Asia Pacific” themes, different languages, cultures, degrees of economic development, currency regulations, user habits… just to name a few.

This Asia-facing site’s “front-end” has six language versions (English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Vietnamese), each with independent content management capability for local office use.  The site unifies the institutional brand across different countries while at the same time allowing maximum content flexibility.

An administrative app “back-end” enables ICOI management with full control of country-specific events creation; three-levels credentialing program management and processing; and four types of membership, related fees, CE credit, status update, as well as payment bookkeeping and reporting.

Based on local office and user feedback, conditional validations were introduced into various process flow to safeguard operation accuracy.

The essence of the v2.0 upgrade—localized member access with centralized info/data management—not only standardized but also simplified local offices’ operations. Result: reduced operation cost and human error, increased brand strength and growth capacity.

ICOI AP section website

Initial conversion point: new member application data intake form. Localized with extra instructions and sample input to eliminate user confusion.
new member registration sample

Membership home section is a member-facing front-end, localized and managed by the country.
credential interface design

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