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Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test

While Google is still testing and fine-tuning its Local search page’s info structure and User Interface (UI), it is obvious that Google values “Mobile-friendly” as one of the major website attributes because it will offer a much better User Experience (UX) on mobile devices.

On a 11/18/2014 post by Google: A mobile-optimized site will get a “mobile-friendly” label on  mobile search results, “We see these labels as a first step in helping mobile users to have a better mobile web experience. We are also experimenting with using the mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking signal” (source: Helping users find mobile-friendly pages)

To test if your website is “Mobile-friendly” by Google’s standard

Simply type your site’s URL in Google’s Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool, it will give you indication if the URL meets the requirement, it may even provide extra findings for you to address.

For example, below is a screenshot of our website homepage testing result:

google's mobile-friendly test tool screen


Best Time to Grow Local Business Online!

We added “Business Local” Website + Online Marketing service in 2014 because the internet/user environment and the necessary tools are all maturing. For businesses focusing on local consumer market, NOW is the best time to take action.

Please see our approaches (#1 & 2 below) and our comprehensive development steps (#3) in detail:

1. Develop an Actionable Online Marketing Plan

  • Local search on mobile devices and PCs are opening up marketing opportunities that have never existed before.  (That is, a “game changer”. See 2014 Local search survey by moz.com)
  • Regarding social media: “Social (media) has proved it’s not just another fad and has proven to be a long-term online marketing solution. Each day you wait, you are missing out on new ways to engage new and existing customers” – LocalVox
  • Various online marketing tools and services are out there. Pick the ones that best fit your business.
  • The best part about social media and local advertising: many of them are FREE, some are “pay-per-use”, and all can start small until you are ready to scale up to meet larger needs.
“Google Places” case examples. Now named “Google My Business”, it’s one of the free tools.

2. Use a Flexible Web Tool that Can Adapt to the Fast-Evolving Online World

Websites are the hub of many online activities. More and more online functions and controls––many of them marketing related––can be integrated into websites. WordPress, the open source web-building environment, is the leading example with such adaptability. (See infographics and the video below).
We started using WordPress since 2010 and we highly recommend it:

  • WordPress is the fastest growing web platform, already powering millions of websites worldwide, including many FORTUNE 500 companies’. It is here to stay!
  • Its Content Management System (CMS) is great for site owners to have direct content control.
  • WordPress has thousands of plugins to extend website functionality. As a result, site development is often faster, more flexible, and less costly than other methods.
A super-brief intro of WordPress, listen to what “websmart” people has to say about it!

3. We Will Build Your Website within this Context

Business owners know their products, services, customers, and promotion methods best; but very often, they do not know enough about how to make use of online market drivers.

GRIDNYC, with more than 12 years of website-building, online marketing, branding, and UX/UI design experience, is now offering a unique service to small businesses and entrepreneurs in the Metro NYC, Queens, and surrounding areas.

  • We will co-develop with you, a website structure to meet your business requirements.
  • We will develop an understanding of your marketing needs, ideas, and even your marketing “wish list”; brainstorm other possibilities with you and identify/evaluate online marketing components for your website.
  • We will assist you in registering your own domain, hosting, setting up email and other accounts, if necessary.
  • We will suggest marketing and branding oriented site content, text and visuals, if necessary.
  • We will build your website in stages and fine-tune the site, all while promoting efficiency in establishing your website.
  • We will guide you through the CMS (Content Management System) so you will be able to update your website and have direct control of the site content
  • We will guide you through SEO* (Search Engine Optimization) basics and teach you the marketing concept behind it.
    *SEO involves high level marketing strategy and is fundamental to online marketing. It is beneficial for the business owner or the head of marketing to understand the basics.
Business Local Website Pricing


Call us at 917-957-9323 or use email form to arrange a Free consultation!

GRIDNYC offers multilingual SEO service

For advanced SEO, GRIDNYC has teamed up with SEO specialist Pedro Ramirez. Together, we offer professional web development and full-range of online marketing services*.

Mr. Ramirez holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Malaga (Spain), and an MBA from the University Alfonso X el Sabio of Madrid. He has worked in Europe in the IT industry. Currently based in New York City, he works as SEO and digital marketing consultant for companies such as d-hairemoval US, Granite Finances, American Entrepreneurship Today, Thabuca Wine Tours, and Alegra Psychology Spain.

*If you are targeting multi-language market, in Queens locally or nationally…
GRIDNYC can add Spanish, Chinese, and Korean elements (and many other extras!) into search engine optimization. Feel free to contact us for a demo.

d-hairemoval-sitePedro’s d-hairemoval SEO Case Example:
Pedro participated in the Search Engine Optimization of d-hairemoval US website in 2013. d-hairemoval belongs to a European beauty brand d-beautygroup which operates more than 120 stores worldwide. When they began their business in the U.S. (New York City and Miami), they didn’t have either a well ranked website on Search Engines or good Digital Marketing strategies, therefore their website had very little traffic.

After completing their new website with SEO implemented, the changes arrived quickly. Their old site ranked on the 21st page on Google. One week after the new site went live, it reached the 3rd page. After two more months it was ranking on the 1st page for one of the most searched keywords in New York City. Their team increased the daily and monthly traffic three-fold during the first three months and now they are receiving more than 20 times the traffic than in the beginning.



「新一桶金」絕佳商機在哪裡? 說來聽聽


(#1) 行動電話快速大眾化

  • 全球智能手機用戶在2014年將達到17.5億。
  • 2013年第1季度,全球網路總流量的24%來自智能手機和平板電腦,比2012同期增長78%。
  • 2013年第4季度北美網路總流量31%為移動設備(手機+平板)。
  • 75%美國人會把手機帶進洗手間。
  • 美國50%的手機購物者使用GPS/地圖功能,找尋可能的消費商家。44%會找尋他們一般日常消費商家的網站。
  • 美國手機優惠券的用戶,將從2010年的1230萬人上升至2014年的5300萬人。
  • 美國手機搜索餐館有90%的轉化率(就是去吃了),其中60%發生在一小時之內。

(#2) 搜索引擎也在引入越來越多的本地搜索資料




(#3) 網站+搜尋引擎優化是傳達商戶信息給搜尋引擎的直接管道



*** 結論 ***

(#1) 已經發生–––是消費大眾的功勞。
($2) 正在發生–––搜尋引擎在大幅度的調整,主要是引入本地搜索資料與社交媒體上的信號。
(#3) 等待發生–––我們知道如何協助我們的客戶讓它發生。

我們特別針對紐約市、皇后區、法拉盛及周邊區域,推出「本地市場小型商業網站,手機版網站優化,與搜尋引擎優化服務––包括多語言族裔市場」。基於不同類型生意需求,我們提供包括英、中、韓語小型商業網站網頁設立(可外加),英、中、韓、西班牙語搜尋引擎優化服務 。讓您在各式各樣消費者一次又一次的搜索,甚至不同語言搜索,結果都名列前茅。

New Pot of Gold ad banner Queens NYC - Chinese

如果讀者有興趣對搜索引擎有最基本的認識,可參考本網站資源篇英語視頻: How Google search works… explained in 3 minutes