“China’s Biggest Mobile Payment Solutions Are Taking Root In U.S. and Europe”
FORBES reported* in August 2017:

…e-commerce in China is no longer just about how great brands break into the Chinese market. It’s also about an important slice of China’s economy coming to you.”

In China, the traditional wallet has been replaced by an electronic wallet on a smartphone. It’s common to make all of your payments for daily needs through that smartphone, using one of two main electronic payment providers: WeChat Pay or Alipay. WeChat Pay is part of the WeChat messaging family, owned by Tencent, and Alipay is affiliated with Alibaba.”

China is today the most cash-free of any of the world’s major economies – and that trend will continue… Now, merchants and brands around the world have a cost-effective way to start testing their appeal to Chinese consumers. No new equipment or capital expenditure necessary, just allow the consumer to scan your QR code. Alipay has already signed global agreements with Marriott and Uber. WeChat Pay has also signed a Las Vegas deal with Caesars.”

*Full article: view in PDF

GRIDNYC has been servicing the U.S./China market for more than a decade. Witnessing this new payment method is available for U.S. businesses and industries, we now offer to facilitate U.S. entities who deal with Chinese consumers (whether in the U.S. or in China) to utilize WeChat Pay and Alipay to transact in U.S. Dollars.

In addition, when combine this payment solution with an E-commerce platform, U.S. businesses will be able to tap into China’s consumer market directly!