Encoded Messages?

encodedmessages.info is a microsite that was designed to accompany an exhibition titled Encoded Messages: Reading African Art, by SMA African Art Museum in Tenafly, NJ.  The site development process was fun and delightful.

Robert J. Koenig, the director of the Museum wrote us:

“Thank you for your splendid work on the SMA web suite for our exhibition ‘Encoded Messages: Reading African Art’. We are very pleased with encodedmessages.info. The instructors at Bergen Community College are incorporating aspects of the show into their courses of study. The web site, available to students on their mobile devices as well as on computers in the library, is a great asset to them in their study of African art…”

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Dental What?

International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), the world’s largest dental implant organization, participated in the 2009 American Lifestyles Expo in Hangzhou, China. It was an institutional branding initiative: six ICOI member dentists traveled from abroad to inform and promote “Quality of Life” concepts to Chinese consumers, help them understand how implant technology could change their lives, and provide guidance on how to select their dentists and treatment systems.

GRIDNYC facilitated this endeavor from initial planning to the end of the Expo. We coordinated with various entities in the U.S. and China, both remotely as well as on location.



ICOI theme/event ID design:
event ID

Website for international conference in Tokyo

The International Congress of Oral Implantologists held its “World Congress” in Tokyo. It’s a three-day event with more than a thousand attendees from all over the world. This World Congress website aims to provide the optimum support on event info delivery — including a function for event organizer to make on-site, realtime announcements from a mobile device.

Aside from our design and website-building capabilities, our understanding of the Asia market added value to the development process. Language, culture, functional content, online technology, brand image, user experience… all were taken into consideration.

2014 ICOI World Congress website design

American Lifestyles Expo website

Hailed by the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai as the only exhibit of its kind that actively promotes American products and services in China, the American Lifestyles Expo is a unique annual trade show which takes place in Hangzhou, China. This English website is sponsored by the Expo’s American organizer and is the major English language marketing device.

aml expo website

When speed matters…

The New York City metropolitan area is central to the expanding deployment in worldwide real estate capital. In March 2014, the Manhattan Association of Realtors®, “MANAR” held its third Global Real Estate Symposium to focus on this growing trend. It was a full-day event with dozens of industry leaders and 300+ attendees at the McGraw Hill Conference Center in Manhattan.

GRIDNYC had designed MANAR’s previous conference journal. However, this time the big challenge was the turnaround time. With our unique experience and resources for producing extreme-time-pressure print material, the project was delivered in quality, on time.