Cutting edge Brazilian swimwear

XCLUZV is an existing Brazilian swimwear brand. When entering the U.S. market, it called for a new brand image to suit the market. XCLUZV’s holding company happens to be an international IT consultancy, so it is no surprise that technology is in XCLUZV’s DNA.

With the right combination of creative design, web technology, visual branding, and online marketing experience, GRIDNYC developed XCLUZV’s new website and online store. One of the requirements was to utilize HTML5 video and other web tech to deliver lively visuals without relying on Flash animation. The site went live under in August 2012.

Home page: a JQ interactive menu on top of a 1000px X 560px sailboat video
New XCLUZV website

xcluzv online store


American Lifestyles Expo website

Hailed by the U.S. Consulate General in Shanghai as the only exhibit of its kind that actively promotes American products and services in China, the American Lifestyles Expo is a unique annual trade show which takes place in Hangzhou, China. This English website is sponsored by the Expo’s American organizer and is the major English language marketing device.

aml expo website

Sample: website about Chinese health practices

GRIDNYC created to introduce traditional Chinese health practices. Target audience: baby boomers in English-speaking countries.

The site is powered by WordPress. Many additional functions are added such as Google Adsense control, SEO tool, tag cloud, CAPTCHA, donation, search/rating/review, traffic tracking… etc.

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Taichi-Zen-Healing website
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Great Light online magazine site

Great Light is a printed Taoism-Buddhism monthly magazine. In 2004, GRID was retained to design-develop its online version. We built a Content Management System for the client so Great Light’s editors can have direct control.

greatlight online magazine site
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